About The Lodge of Welcome

n 1936 two Freemasons residing in Leicester, Bro. George Gallimore of the Incorporated Accountants Lodge No.4255 (London), and Bro. Howard Clarke of the Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, thought there was scope for a new Lodge, primarily to accommodate brethren already initiated in other Provinces who for business reasons had taken residence in Leicester.

A letter was sent on 1st May 1936 to interested Brethren regarding a meeting on the 5th May. In addition to Bros. Gallimore and Clarke, 13 Brethren expressed an interest. Following this meeting a further meeting was arranged in September for prospective founders, the number of founders had now grown to 20 in total.

Following this meeting a decision, was made to send a letter to the Worshipful Master of the Wyggeston Lodge No.3488 with a petition signed by 20 brethren of the new Lodge to be named “The Lodge Of Welcome” requesting that the WM and Warden with the approval of the majority of the Lodge, give recommendation to the petition at their October Lodge meeting.
Following a further meeting of the founders, a letter was sent to the secretary of the Wyggeston Lodge asking that they obtain approval of the majority of the Lodge to be the sponsor’s of the new ”Lodge of Welcome” so that the petition may be presented to the Provincial Grand Secretary for the approval of the Provincial Grand Master.

The requisite Form of Petition was received from the Provincial Grand Secretary and was duly completed by Bro. Frank Stewart Copeman nominated as WM, Bro. William Holden as SW and Bro. Samuel J. Usher as JW., and at the meeting on 15th January 1937 the Wyggeston Lodge approved the petition which was signed to form a new Lodge in the Province.

Notification dated 4th March 1937 was received from the Grand Secretary that the M.W. Grand Master has been pleased to accede to the prayer of the petition for the proposed Lodge Of Welcome with the number “5664”. A further Notification was received dated 30th March enclosing the Warrant which was dated 3rd March 1937 together with the Clearance Certificate.
The design for a Lodge Shield and a Banner was first discussed at the meeting of the Permanent Committee on the 16th November 1937, and again at the next meeting on the 3rd December where a design submitted by W.Bro W. Knight was approved. The building on the Lodge crest is a representation of the Guildhall, formerly the Old Town Hall, originally the Medieval Hall of the Corpus Christi Gild.